Welcome to Sylar Motorcycle

We are dynamic motorcycle company driven by passion and innovation to bring to our client the required service and modification for their needs. Since 2009 we have been providing all type of services and modifications with high quality and accurate details.


Sylar's Passion

Our passion comes within our love for motorcycle to come up with the best and newest researches & modification with style for our clients, we look for the imposable and go for it.

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Sylar's Achievement

We have been achieving client’s satisfaction and events awards all over the GCC, we are not planning to stop here as we aim high to reach international recognition and bring new innovation to the industry.

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We provide to of the range services which are related to motorcycle and trikes and any vehicle which has a heart of a motorcycle, we focus on the quality which we provide to insure the best can be utilizes for pleasure.

We custom your bike based on your need and your requirement as well as we can provide ideas and options to give you a range of options to match your requirements
We modify based on what you’re looking for from engine to flaring to even custom driving setups and more.
As we also repair based on manufacture setting and upgrade manufacture week or over seen points with a full testing to insure the repair is perfectly.
Change tire
Tire change is a must for motorcycle as we can provide the best change and insure that no damages and proper rotation is mounted.
Balance tires
Balancing the tires is a must to get the smoothest ride ,as we provide a electronic balancing and insure no damages on the rim which is making the unbalance
Painting is a required we customizing or repairing as we outsource the best painter and airbrush team to provide the best quality for the paint
Accessories are always required when looking for an upgrade to you motorcycle as we are providing all what’s required and after market brands.
Used parts
As some motorcycles have end live we maintain the good running parts for the clients who are looking for used parts

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We provide DIMOTIV products to the Market in the MENA as this product is certified for DOT and has been proven worthy for all bikes.